EXPERT Camping Q&A

Three things you tried but didn’t like with your camp setup

Rubber mats under my Adventure Kings Awning; just a hassle to carry and piece together and didn’t really offer anything useful. They are now the base for my dogs kennel so I guess they helped him out which is good.
I had a gas cooker and gas bottles on a fridge slide which I thought would make for an always ready kitchen. Truth is it just took up way too much space and was too high off the ground to be easy to use. I ditched the whole setup including the gas bottles and have gone to a double burner canister style cooker on a custom alloy table that is so much better and easier to use.
Gravity fed water tank. After putting in a simple 12V pump and switch I’d not go back to gravity fed water again. The pump is wired into a switch activated by a tap so I can control the flow rate from a trickle to ‘put out that fire’.
Three things you didn’t think you’d like but loved

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