Save cash on fuel during your next trip!

With modern advances in fuel delivery, and computer-controlled turbo diesel engines, 4WD fuel efficiency figures have slowly been becoming more palatable for those without blank check books to pay for their expeditions. We are going to go over 6 ways for you to enhance your fuel efficiency on long journeys away! MINIMISE EXCESS WEIGHT [ ]

Stay Warm At Camp This Winter!

4WD Supacentre are announcing the latest release in their gas burner range. Adding to the already reliable gasmate range carried at 4WD Supacentre, and just in time for winter the team has just released the Gasmate portable camping gas heater. The Gasmate Portable Camping Gas Heater is designed to be fully portable utilizing a light-weight [ ]

Save More With A Kings Generator!

The Adventure Kings Generator range are built to offer excellent fuel efficiency and performance for weight and represents unbeatable bang for buck reliability. At first we didn’t realise just how valuable the Adventure Kings range of generators were, so now we’ve done our research and have found out exactly what other brands are charging [ ]